DeLisle has a full staff of highly trained and qualified industrial hygiene technicians, inspectors, project designers and management planners ready to address all of your industrial hygiene needs. Many of our staff are nuclear qualified.

In business since 1985, DeLisle has been a leader in asbestos and other industrial hygiene services. DeLisle is considered one of the preeminent experts on asbestos in schools. Our in-house asbestos lab allows for rapid analysis of samples. Our analysts are NIOSH 582 trained and participate in the Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) Program for asbestos analysts and the American Asbestos Registry Program.


The OSHA general duty clause indicates that Employers have a requirement to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all their employees.  In most cases, they must provide either risk assessments with exposure monitoring to support their OSHA requirements.  This assessment is performed to identify if these employees have been or are expected to be exposed to chemical gases and vapors or particulates above established permissible exposure limits.  OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1000 Subpart Z-Toxic and Hazardous Substances regulation contains exposure limits of many chemicals used in society today. 


DeLisle is a leader in the asbestos industry and offers a full range of asbestos services. From the initial inspection of a building including bulk sampling and analysis, to the development of an asbestos management plan and the generation of an operation and maintenance program. DeLisle also does complete air monitoring for asbestos fibers and offers project supervision services for large abatement projects.


With the development of energy efficient structures, indoor air quality has become a top issue to many people. DeLisle's professional staff can conduct investigations into "sick building syndrome" or any IAQ concern. Sampling services are available for particulates, chemicals and biologicals (molds, yeast, bacteria and fungi).


DeLisle has performed work for the law enforcement community for many years and with the rise in the number of meth laboratories across the country, DeLisle has increased the number of projects it performs annually as it relates to contaminated properties, building and homes. Post-production residue or use of illicit drugs has left property owners, residents and tenants with either severely contaminated homes, condemned structures or unusable natural resources.


DeLisle performs a variety of asbestos lab testing for air, bulk material, water, and particulate samples by phase contrast microscopy and polarized light microscopy.


DeLisle offers complete inspection services for lead based paint for public, commercial and industrial buildings. DeLisle also offers air monitoring for lead particulate during demolition or renovation.


DeLisle has provided environmental, health and safety, and industrial hygiene support in the power generation industry since 1990.  Exposure concerns to workers performing power outage work may involve hazardous materials ranging from asbestos, lead, hexavalent chromium, and arsenic as well as a variety of chemical, particulate, and gaseous contaminants.  Capturing contaminant exposures on media and then either submitting these samples to an independent laboratory or providing real-time analysis capabilities onsite are all part of DeLisle’s support capabilities.


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