This course is conducted in general accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's 29 CFR 1910.134 requirements for training of respiratory protection. The training standard is general, but can be tailored to fit the needs of particular clients. Individuals who require this training may include:

  1. Personnel who are required to wear respiratory protection as indicated by their employer.

  2. Anyone who must wear a respirator in hazardous waste operations or emergency response for thirty or more days a year in conditions above the PEL.

  3. Personnel who, as indicated by the employer, are recommended or required to wear respiratory protection to protect them from the potential for atmospheric contaminants.

Topics include:

  1. Requirements of The Respiratory Protection Standard
  2. Selection and Types of Respirators
  3. Hazard Communication
  4. Cleaning and Storage of Respirators
  5. Medical Surveillance, Record Keeping, and Testing
  6. Changes in the Standards

This class includes a manuals,a test, and a certificate.

Duration: 2-4 Hours

1 Year Refresher Required


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