This course covers issues and concepts related to bloodborne pathogens (BBPs), their origination, their transmissions, and the various treatment and prevention methods, which apply in society today. Exposure to blood or other potentially infectious items are concerns in every aspect of the workplace, especially in emergency responses. It is a concern due to the ability of BBPs to be transmitted via body fluids and excretions. Individuals who would require this training would include employees whose job task would present a risk form BBPs such as nurses, emergency medical technicians, competent persons (supervisors or foremen), or lab technicians.

Topics include:

  • Exposure Control Plans
  • Background
  • Types and Hazards Related To HIV
  • Hepatitis B, Among Others
  • Emergency Procedures to Protective Equipment, etc.
  • The Regulatory Aspect Concerning Michigan Rule 325.70001

(Bloodborne and Infectious Diseases)

  • Laboratory Safety is also covered within this training and includes:
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Spill Containment and Control
  • Proper Sanitation Procedures
  • Proper Disposal
  • Decontamination
  • Proper Secondary Containment of Infectious Waste or Biological Hazards

Duration: 2-3 hour


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