MIOSHA Standard 1142, Part 58 (June 4, 2008) requires that anyone operating an aerial lift must be trained and licensed for a specific type of lift before they can operate it.  This course covers the requirements for employees to operate aerial lifts. DeLisle will come to your facility to train employees on the equipment to be operated and conduct the necessary field verification of each operator.
Topics include:

  1. Employer/Employee Responsibility
  2. Training Permits
  3. Preoperational Procedures and Platform Inspections
  4. Controls
  5. Inspection, Maintenance, Testing
  6. Electrical Hazards
  7. Vehicles, Traffic Controls
  8. Fall Protection
  9. Operating Procedures
  10. 29 CFR 1926.543 Aerial Lifts

DeLisle must be notified approximately one week prior to start of class.

This course includes a manual, field verification, a license, and a certificate.

Duration: 2-3 hours depending on number of employees to be field verified.


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