DeLisle understands that each site is unique and adjusts accordingly.  Our site safety officer will assist with planning and design for construction and safe operations, evaluate safety programs of sub-contractors, issue permits, and be well versed in emergency and crisis management—all specific to the job and geographic area.

Site Safety Officers are trained in First Aid, CPR, and AED and are certified in OSHA 30-hr Construction, as well as carry many other certifications. 

Our Site Safety Officers inspect the worksite daily, provide random, regular, and critical inspections, and do pre-operation and new equipment checks.  Monthly safety meetings and bi-weekly meetings are held.  All accidents and near-miss events are investigated and training or retraining is conducted as necessary.  Investigations include written reports that describe incident and corrective or preventative action taken. 

Our comprehensive safety inspection includes identifying and recording potential and actual hazards associated with buildings, equipment, environment, processes, and practices.  We identify unsafe conditions or unsafe acts and ensure that existing hazard controls are functioning adequately.


Employers are responsible for accident prevention per OSHA 29 CFR 1926.20(b)(1-4).  And it is the responsibility of the employer to maintain such programs as necessary to comply with this regulation.  Competent persons, designated by the employer, shall provide frequent and regular inspections of job sites, materials, and equipment.  Our site safety officers are not only qualified to function as this person, but as much more.


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